What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic wall tiles? How to choose ceramic wall tiles

Among the decoration materials, tiles have a high usage rate, and their decorative effects are very attractive to consumers. Moreover, both exterior and interior walls can be used. If you have too many materials and it is difficult to choose during the decoration, you can consider buying tiles. If there are friends who don’t know enough about tiles, then let’s explain it for you. Let’s take a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of tiles and how to buy tiles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic wall tiles?
1. Advantages: There are many advantages of ceramic products. First of all, the colors are particularly complete. In the actual production process, more design elements are applied, and the actual applicability also has important characteristics, and the applicability characteristics are better. The improvement has laid a solid foundation for the decorative application of the wall. Especially now in the actual serial production, the actual use of tiles and wall tiles and floor tiles, the effect is very perfect, decorating modern walls, especially the large-area wall tile design for high-end wall decoration applications, plus the same style of tiles Some ingenious designs of the same style will greatly enhance the decorative effect, giving the design itself more possibilities.

2. Disadvantages: The weakness of the porcelain piece is also very clear. From its applicability, it is not suitable for independent application in wall decoration. Although it has a strong color advantage, the effect of independent decoration is not particularly perfect. , And the construction is more difficult, and there will be some practical impacts when doing unique and personalized design, so the scope of application is greatly restricted.

How to choose wall tiles
1. When purchasing tiles, we often use methods such as measuring water absorption, listening to percussive sounds, scratching the tiles, and looking closely at the color difference to identify the quality. The water absorption rate can be measured by pouring it on the back of the tile, and it spreads rapidly, indicating that the water absorption rate is relatively high, and it is not suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom; good products make a crisp sound after being knocked by hand, that is, use a hard object to scratch the brick The glaze surface will not leave traces, and the color difference of the same batch of tiles is very small, and the gloss texture is also very consistent. In this way, it is more suitable for large-area overall paving.

2. Observation methods can also be used to purchase tiles. Under sufficient light, when viewing vertically at a distance of 1 meter, there should be no obvious glazed defects, and the patterns should be delicate and realistic, without obvious lack of color. Defects such as wire breakage and misalignment; the shading and trademark on the back are clear and complete, with few glaze marks or defects. Place the sides and the front of the tiles on the surface in parallel and observe the straightness of the edges and the degree of warpage of the surface. You can also close the edges of the two tiles to see if there is a gap. .

3. Porcelain pieces generally have style classifications. Color is a very influential factor in the design and represents certain customs and habits; patterns on the surface of the porcelain pieces can play a finishing touch on the wall. At present, the more popular antique tiles are divided into monochrome tiles and tiles. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large-area paving, while tiles are used as embellishments for local decoration. Generally, the pattern of tiles is hand-painted, and the surface is glazed, which is reflected by the brick decoration of sandstone texture.

The above is the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of tiles and the knowledge of how to buy tiles. Let me stop here. I believe you should have more understanding after reading it. The content is for your reference only.

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