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Ceramic Industry Transformation & Upgrading

Date: 21, December,2017

      Some platforms are based on the pain points of the pulse industry,  help enterprises to reduce transaction cost, to carry out standardized management, to enter the high-end market, the new channel development then points out that industry through the establishment of a new business model.

      For next year, some people think Foshan ceramics industry will further transformation and upgrading, to achieve a new leap in production capacity. On the one hand, the foundation of Foshan ceramic industry is very perfect, the brand image has gained popular support; On the other hand, bonuses such as "Internet +" construction will continue to proliferate. It is suggested that enterprises continue to rely on the platform to make incremental high-end markets.

      For next year`s development, Cai Chu Yang who is the general manager of the League of pottery believes that the ceramic industry in Foshan is expected to achieve a new leap in production capacity.

In his opinion, on the 8th of this month, the Oman Industrial Zone and the Foshan Commerce Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement on capacity-building and designated Zhonglian Alliance to set up the Pan-Household Products Showroom in the Middle East to serve the sales of Foshan enterprise projects , It is the the proof of "platform to bring business".

      Moreover, Ceramic Alliance will add a Pan home sector on the platform based on the original ceramic trading platform, and signed a financial agreement with China`s export credit insurance company in GuangDong, provide financial support for the "Buddha enterprise".

      Cai Chuyang said that Oman and other Middle Eastern countries will also become the entrance of "Foshan made" into the European and American markets, effectively evading the "double counter" impact. He believes that the demand for building market will be stable next year, and the environmental issues of enterprises will be solved step by step. with the pain points of the industry breaking, Foshan ceramic industry will be available in the future.

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