Ceramic industry is entering the "inkjet printing era"

Ceramic industry is entering the "inkjet printing era"

     In the ceramic industry, inkjet printing products are considered one of the most influential products, and even some people think that the ceramic industry is entering the "inkjet printing era." Inkjet technology makes ceramic products more expressive, favored by many businesses.

一、What is the inkjet tile?
Inkjet tile is the tiles that they apply inkjet printing technology to decorate tiles. Ceramic decoration with inkjet printing is that making the coloring agent into multi-color ink, and through inkjet printing, directly print them on the ceramic surface and make them present colour after burning. The working method of inkjet printing technology is similar to the inkjet printer. You can print the patterns you input. It can be said that the emergence of inkjet printing technology makes tile production change from "copier" to "printer." It is easy for us to get the pattern of the tiles. 

二、The advantages of inkjet tiles
Compared with the existing ceramic decoration means, the inkjet printing technology has the advantages of breakthrough: up to 360dpi, the effect of directly printing out the design pattern to realize the personalized solution, the hanging printing reduces the blank breakage rate, the concave-convex surface prints realistic imitation oil painting, imitation bark, imitation wood and high-grade stone effect, which has good application prospects and huge potential business opportunities.

三、Inkjet technology and personalized customization
General consumer requirements for personalized custom products are based on product information provided by the enterprise to make changes. For example, the customers base on the finished ceramic products to change the specifications, color and other customized requirements. With the usage of inkjet technology, consumers have more and more satisfied with the requirements of personalized customized products. In the era of inkjet printing, all kinds of product markets are mature, and the designs of colors desired by customers may be found on the market, which eliminates the steps of enterprise research and development and rapidly produces tiles that meet the needs of customers. In addition, based on the customer`s customized products, companies can get design inspiration, enrich the product categories and can also introduce the customer`s customized products to other customers.
With the development of the society, young people will soon become the main consumers in  tile market. And this new force Legion generally advocate freedom, are keen on the Internet, are willing to pursue the individual and has a completely different consumer attitudes and habits, which also will bring more and more personalized customization requirements.

四、the core competitiveness of inkjet printing tiles
At present, inkjet technology and inkjet products about tiles are one of the technologies and products produced by enterprises. They can not be over-emphasized and can not occupy the original tile market with inkjet tile products in channel promotion. To designer channels, for example, tile products with wallpaper and other decoration materials are the same elements for the designer to provide a new element. Because the ceramic effect of wallpaper and other decorative materials can not reach the election Ceramic, the original designers don’t choose them before. However, now with inkjet printing will choose ceramic. For example, ink-jet ceramic tile products can be used in the five-star hotels and offer more choices to the consumers with higher demands, but there are many average people will still choose ordinary hotels and restaurants, so inkjet printing technology is provided for the high-end consumer groups . The vast majority of consumers can not choose them because of higher cost and price, but with the inkjet technology we can meet the high-end needs, not to say that it will become the mainstream or suppress the needs of the public, but provide consumers a chance instead of seizing the market.

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