12 projects in the ceramic industry--the major S&T projects in Foshan

12 projects in the ceramic industry--the major S&T projects in Foshan

12 projects in the ceramic industry became the first large-scale science and technology projects in Foshan, with 12 million financial support.


August 30, Foshan Science and Technology Bureau official website officially announced the "2016-2017 Foshan major science and technology project (applied core technology research field) list of projects." The list has received a total of 100 million yuan of financial support from two levels of urban areas, including 100 major science and technology projects from five major areas including new energy, new materials and advanced manufacturing after being reviewed by experts, published online and approved by the municipal government.


The ceramics industry occupy 12 of the 100 major science and technology projects ceramics  a tripod technology, and the projects have received funds support 1000000 yuan , A total of 12 million financial support.


According to the person in charge of Foshan Science and Technology Bureau of Production and Research Branch , it is the first time for Foshan to announced the significant science and technology projects, which aims to implement the National Innovation Demonstration Zone of the Pearl River Delta main points of work and innovation driven "task of the eight" task to promote Enterprises to break through the key core technologies an improve independent innovation ability.


It is learned that the project funds was allocated into two phases. The first funds occupy 40% , and Foshan City and the district finance pay for it half and half; 60% of the second phase, after the project has been approved , are paid by the district finance.

In the future, all departments of science and technology in Foshan will be responsible for the follow-up management and acceptance of projects and allocate funds according to the project contract and the progress of implementation. Foshan Science and Technology Bureau said that the project must be strictly in accordance with the contract time. If not apply for acceptance beyond the deadline or not accepted, allocation of the remaining funds will be stopped.

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